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Hello!  For those of you already familiar with my work, you know I've been trying to revamp chalkurites. This post is a shout out for help! And also a way to peek into some of the latest changes with these creatures

now, for new folks

I've been developing an element(s) that support the existence of a creature and some mechanics within my headworld universe. Anova
Now, this article is kinda lengthy, and the questions probably ridiculous, but I promise I'll make it up for those who could help me out.   I will also probably spill a lot of erroneous information, so correct me if I'm wrong, please

The process has taken a while, a little over a year since I started to peer into physics to try and make these things plausible, but only until a few months ago I began to pour my time into investigating hard sci fi explanations. Not being particularly bright on the subject, and dedicating more time to highschool and art than I do to understanding, I came across some bumps.
Some explanations on these

The energy in question is a particle colloquially called echo (needing a formal new name) and does not originate from this plane of existence, it's simply a reflection from that universe's form of energy in our own, hence echo. A translation I guess.
There goes a tick for story cliche.

It punctures into this dimension from a non specific time-space frame, and manifests as something that follows this universe's rules, so as to not mess up with local laws of physics. It's main properties are:
It's blue, it glows, and it's the miracle element to sustain a lot of tech in this story, as well as to sustain certain life forms. Plus the reasoning behind slip space. It's transient however, so it will only last as long as that puncture exists, and decay into something stable from this universe.

The decay form is a tar-like substance (IN DIRE NEED OF formal NAMING) which is mined far and wide, the 'black gold' if you will because it's highly prized for being a superconductor and able to be used to re-open the gap and bring forth more echo.

Now for the critters.
These beings are called chalkurites, and look like a cross between a tar monster and a blue glow energy being. For reference, here one of the main characters that happens to be one of these (albeit a sentient one)  He's composed of echo and the tar substance, the first as the main form of energy, the second to keep him grounded to this dimension and kept from dissipating.

(yaaay, it's pint!)

Their main attributes, besides being blue, big and tarry is that they're able to release ridiculous amounts of energy (like echo) in the form of attacks, and are very focused on tearing down sentient life, particularly absorbing it. And they can eat through any form of matter, though i'm not sure if they absorb photons as well--basically destroy and consume
The blue area of their bodies are a field of tachyons, traveling on itself and producing the blue glow resulting from cherenkov radiation (ftl particles producing the nice color)

Thaaaat's when I'm starting to show the issue--physics leaves me pretty clueless as to -how- they should operate, based on our local laws.


Really, I'm not expecting anyone to answer all--probably none, but, maybe hinting. That'd be wonderful too

I debated making echo tachyonic in nature, but it doesn't break with reality by only being able to be manifested in a reference frame. It can't exist freely, there's always a link and it's bound to our time and space--it won't travel backwards in time like FTL particles are told to do.
Reason for this was to explain the blue glow. I read that tachyons would produce cherenkov radiation due to FTL.
Also because these beings are supposed to not be affected by anything but their own energy, and the subset decay tar.

However, this contradicts with another thing I had in mind, making them behave also like strange matter, in the sense that they would be able to absorb anything.  But strange matter is supposed to be able to do this because it's super stable, and tachyons are a contradiction there. ?

-Would it be able to be so unstable as to mirror that destruction effect, but also be able to consume particles and turn them on itself?  If so, when they're not bent on destruction, what keeps them from altering their surroundings? I know echo is affected by the weak force, but since it's high energy, would it be affected by the electroweak? (since electromagnetic at high energy behaves the same as weak force (ithink) What forces would echo have to be affected by (and able to violate) in order to not kill everything they touch and step on, but be able to at the time they want to?

-According to sources, tachyons act negatively. To reach higher speeds (above ftl already) they need to lose energy. Could I explain the nuke and shockwave attacks this way? With the blue area of their bodies i mean, they would have the echo particles travel extremely fast--fast enough to excite others and release energy to reach these speeds. Would that make sense? AM I MAKING ANY SENSE??

- The tar substance obeys gravity, I know that much, and electromagnetism. It cannot decay further than that though, only transmutate. It probably obeys the strong force since it keeps to itself, but what of the weak force?
It's a room temperature super conductor, and since it can't degrade into any other material, or condense into another form, would that mean it's at ground state/absolute zero?
I haven't decided the properties--but it's also able to, in some extent 'fuse' into echo once more, though it's unlikely and it's mostly just a matter of opening another temporary rift to bring forth more echo, not turn into it. Dunno how, not yet, ughh

-And last one. The glow they exude are photons--well, i have concluded thus far they are photons. But at the rate it glows, and since it's cherenkov radiation, would it be harmful for others, even when the chalkurite isn't intending on eating them?

gah, sorry for all the questions. I'm really afraid of developing something that feels like it's b-grade movie stuff--while, well, it technically looks like, plot wise and what not, I would want to make it make sense.    I'm not sure if I could just say everything's explained by the higgs field, with just certain particles behaving differently
Again, if it's worth the trouble, I'll make it up in the way I can--which mostly includes drawing pretty things, I guess.A doodle, something

*quick edit. I forgot to mention
I sustain (or try to make sense of) the law of conservation of mass in this case by the rift phenomena working there. It takes the energy from the outside dimension I mention there, and injects it into this one--the supply is -infinite- and it rearranges into something much more stable, like I said, it decays from the transient FTL particle form into mass, which in turn--in the case of Pint for example, arranges into carbon molecules. Proteins, organelles, cell, tissue, organ, system, so on. It's how he's able to shift to larger forms--and to decrease shape he has to 'crop' himself, literally tear down molecules and release them in the form of, well,a lot of blood and kinetic energy

I attempted to tackle conservation of mass first, and the 4th dimension seemed like it could fit the bill. Matter injected from another plane, with an unlimited source and only controlled by the user and also by how much his consciousness can withstand it

hnn, still a bunch of fairy stuff, but sustained on a sci fi level I suppose.
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AlphaFrequency Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Imprint. Decayed form should be identity or residue 
bLangston Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Student General Artist
I love the idea of fusing science into a fiction world. I think interactions with neutrinos would be interesting. Because they are massless and traveling at the speed of light you could potentially justify their existence as a living being a some sort of lethargic or slowed state that allows them to take on the physical properties of our universe. I think Underbase mentioned it above but this would explain the blue glow because as the particle slows past the speed of light not only would it take on mass but it would also have to drop a lot of energy.

Maybe echo is actually some kind of quantum entanglement between two separate particles. Currently scientists use deuterium (heavy hydrogen) or even heavy water to slow neautrinos down enough to measure their presence. Echo could be an interaction be the resulting phenomena of something like neutrinos that normally pierce through physical matter and fly out of dying suns interacting with a slowing substance. The slowing substance (I'll call it Taug for now) could be the tar that results from a dead chaukerite meaning all the energized particles have left it's body .

So Echo = Taug + Neutrinos/Exotic atoms

I love the concept and I want to run it past some of my physics friends. In the mean time, good luck!
at0mb0mbn0m Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I'm not gonna lie, I didn't finish reading it. You're a creator, you don't have to know the science behind it, that's what writers are for. Just, create. Make life easy and not hard. I intend to take my own advice eventually, lol
SilentChef Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
The answer to all your questions in two words: GM fiat
Knichtus Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student General Artist
I agree with muddledsimon, place it on a science message board somewhere. I'm going to guess most of these are physic's concepts at the core correct? Is it possible that some chemistry concepts could somehow work with this? Like intermolecular forces? Or something along those lines? I'll try to see if I can read more about this so maybe I can be some more help, I'm research stuff for my sci-fi world as well though I have stars and stuff and chemistry concepts involved with it as well, especially with explaining the gods. Though I have no humans in this galaxy for this world so im havign to research alot.
Activoid Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Also it's not the Cherenkov radiation itself that is dangerous, but WHERE IT COMES FROM. Because something has to be prettyyyyy radioactive to be exciting particles around it to the point of glowing, so prolonged exposure is definitely a bad thing.

OH and I forgot... names names names...
Maybe if you just stick with something simple for the name of tar echo... like "echo decay matter" or something. Or even just "decay". It could be a unique word that is used specifically for decayed echo... Just call it "decay" or something.
Activoid Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Maybe each particle of echo is still connected to the universe that it came from on a teeny-tiny space/time level, and channels energy in and out from that universe until the single particle of echo wears a teeny tiny piece of the space/time continuum thin to where it eventually collapses that link, and that collapse results in the decay of echo to a tar-like substance because it no longer has an external source of energy to keep it glowy.

ALSO, science advances on a daily basis. Just a couple months ago it was discovered that temperatures exist below absolute zero (here's the article: [link] )... SO perhaps echo is indeed close to or at absolute zero, but it is able to self-contain its temperature to where it does not affect surrounding particles other than echo itself.

Lastly, about Cherenkov radiation, yeah that would be very dangerous to others but it's also possible that maybe echo can re-absorb its own radiation and recycle it inwards until that radiation also decays. Since radioactive materials have half-lives, meaning that a substance having X number of radioactive atoms will be cut in half over a specific length of time, maybe echo either slows down that process (therefore reducing the amount of energy released at any given point in time, which unfortunately would mean no/less glowing, but safer amounts of radiation) or speeds it up (therefore increasing amount of energy released at any given point in time, also greatly increasing the danger of radiation, but also being quite glowy)... Or maybe echo causes the half-life to vary and fluctuate (like turning off/on) with such a fast frequency (example: changing the half-life from "1 minute" to "500,000 years" literally 1,000,000,000 times per second or something)...

And if echo still had a connection to the other universe at this time (or at least the fabric of space-time, the radiation could be pulled into space-time and recycled (what I was mentioning earlier) within the safety of the space-time continuum... BUT because the particles are still THERE in Pint's universe, and they still have that connection, the radiation is still THERE it's just somewhere else in the space-time continuum, ready to be called upon and used. Which includes the harmful radiation. But the blue glow is glowing because the particles surrounding a single echo particle are becoming excited because of their proximity to the echo particle's hole where some radiation is leaking through and exciting those particles, BUT the range of the radiation is limited because it hits those nearby particles and excites them to a glow, but then can't travel much further than that because the radiation escaping from each echo particle hole is so narrow (because the hole is small) that a finite amount of energy can escape before the echo decays.

^ I don't know if any of this contradicts anything. It probably does but HEY, if even one little sentence helps, that would be cool.
Maybe I should draw a diagram. Or diagram(s). I feel like this is something that requires MANY diagrams.
Serpentwined Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Coming from somebody who has a fantasy story, the amount of plausible reasoning gone into your concept is not b-movie rated. Sometimes the stretch of truth is what makes it entertaining.

I do know that cherenkov radiation is not very dangerous, I see somebody else covered that already so I'll shut up. Have you thought about the environments that this element is going to be present in however? Like I imagine this could exist from deep space to habitable planets, that change is very significant.
LoganPike Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013   Artist
i think that trying to explain it scientifically is a mistake. so long as you have an internal and consistent framework within the story of what's possible and what isn't, it will work. audiences are used to making giant leaps of faith, whether it's for magic or for sci fi. it's all the same, really. people are willing to believe in fantasy elements so long as they are grounded in a believable universe. so keep doing the awesome stuff that you are already doing, creating believable characters and relationships, work on how discovering this miracle energy source changes the world for the better or the worse, and i think your audience will be happy to follow your lead. a good tactic is to work your own uncertainty about this stuff into the story. maybe your universe's scientists and researchers know how to harness this stuff to a minor degree, but they don't truly know what it is or where it comes from, how it functions. most human beings living today don't know how electricity works, but they use it all the time. they don't understand chemistry, but it's practical uses surround them, binds their bodies together and make life possible. knowing a few useful properties of this echo material and having some leading or even contentious theories about what it is, how to use it and where it comes from could all make for great story telling :) best of luck to you with all of this, creating something like this from scratch is a grand adventure and it's been really fun following your journey on your blog and here on DA. thanks for sharing!
Activoid Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Professional Filmographer
I kind of have to agree there. While it's extremely important to do the research and try to make it as 100% realistic as possible... in the end what the audience cares about the most is the story and characters.

But world-building important and great, too! I mean, that's how fandoms like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Avatar, Legend of Korra, etc. got so popular. People could get immersed in the worlds because they were so well-researched and well-developed down to the tiniest details.

But with science, one has to be careful because new science is being made every day. Something that made sense 50 years ago (such as how radiation works, or the idea that it can give people superpowers) is ludicrous today... and even discoveries made 30 years ago about such common-knowledge things like plate tectonics, cancer cells, and different types of particles... theories have come and gone, have been added to, have been changed around... Who knows what tomorrow's scientific discoveries might be?

For all we know, they might completely debunk everything we ever knew about the nature of the universe!
Underbase Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd call it ground state because absolute zero is 0 degrees Kelvin, not even deep space is that cold.
Technically you could say that the blue glow comes from electrons in the particles dropping to lower energy states, because that's how all glowy things happen. Particles with a lot of energy, or that receive a lot of energy have excited electrons (electrons that jump above their ground state or usual closeness to the nucleus) electrons naturally tend to want to get back to their ground state, and when they do so, they release a photon and we perceive the material to be glowing.

The law of conservation of mass is a hoax. The only real law is the law of conservation of energy. If you produce a hella huge enough amount of energy pretty much instantaneously you end up creating mass. This is how black holes eventually disappear - they create so much energy in so little time that they send off particles (usually just a little electron or proton) eventually it runs out of energy to make matter (and be a raging cyclone of death) and disappears. And the more energy you put into it, the heavier the particle.

Also, the whole echo element actually makes a lot of sense. It sounds a lot like a super particle (a particle from the super symmetry field). Alright, ima explain super symmetry just for fun and maybe it'll give you some ideas. So, supposedly, in the beginning imagine the universe has all these fields, one for each particle (electrons, quarks) and one for each force (electromagnitism (photons) gravity (gluons)) and they all just exist overlapping. And then there's the Higgs field. At some point the universe "changed state" (like water freezing into ice) In this time the Higgs field interacted with a bunch of other fields (namely electrons and quarks) causing them to have mass. The Higgs field interacted less with the super symmetric fields (just add an s to any particle and an ino to the end of the forces (selectrons, squarks, photinos, and gluinos)) Because the super symmetric particles are so heavy and they didn't get helped along by binding with the Higgs field, it takes a crazy amount of energy to be applied to get them to exist in our universe, because a particle is like an excitation to any one of the particle fields caused by the application of energy (no conservation of mass, just conservation of energy). So all this time there's all these other super symmetric particles a lot like echo which just need a super crazy amount of energy to call into this universe.

You could say inactivated sludgey echo calls other echo into the universe because at a certain point in its decay it releases a crazy amount of energy all at once (like a super heavy star getting to the point of just nuclei that get so close together that quarks literally overlap in their particle fields and create legit cra'y supernova release of energy)

I think that's enough physics for today. But feel free to pester me about it more. I hope this helps.
SilverMender Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy hell, sorry for taking a bit to get back to you. I read through this and penned down a bunch of notes, this has been one of the neatest replies I've received across other sites!

I used a lot of these suggestions to justify some questions that sprung up in this thread [link]
alongside used some stuff from this [link] namely ijoe's

I think that in the physics thing I expose what I brought up mixing your wonderful opinions.

On the first thing you say there, it was suggested that I use exotic nuclei instead for the composition of the tar. It will keep properties like that of its transdimensional partner molecule, entangled
That's how I could also work around its superconductivity, and the idea of it turning into a superfluid in a certain state

At least, I hope the other guy approves (one in physics forum)

The super particle thing is AMAZING, i had no clue those things exist, and your theory there was also proposed. It seems like the best way to activate the links for rifts--boy, again, just holding on to the other's response

I'm still not sure how fusion occurs for tar to be used up and open a rift once more, I suppose it's a probability thing--hope it's stable enough to be worth the energy waste to acquire a link to a rift that may not open

Thank you so much for this Under, you've no idea how much I appreciate it
Underbase Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great! Oh, and now you've given me more ideas of stuff to tell you... hope you don't mind.

Actually, using an exotic atom (specifically a muonic atom) would be a great way to justify tar undergoing fusion. A muonic atom has at least one electron replaced by a muon, which is relatively similar in properties to an electron but is about 207x heavier so it orbits closer to the nucleus. In real life, it's being theoretically applied as a catalyst for thermonuclear fusion at room temperature or lower (called muon-catalyzed fusion) because the lower orbits allow atomic nuclei to get that much closer to each other.
And maybe there's still not enough energy to start fusion in a muonic tar state and it just needs an addition of some extreme energy to jump start it (like the activation energy required even for exothermic reactions) and call in more echo. (thereby reducing the risk of it exploding in your face?)

Also, why all the Cherenkov radiation? Is it just for the blue thing, or did I miss something? Because some elements just naturally glow blue when excited electrons return to the ground state, like Krypton (Xenon and Argon also glow a blue violet).

Hope this is helpful. I guess I really like talking about physics.
MisterCrowbar Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
For formal names, perhaps try coming up with fictional historical figures the particles would discovered by and named for?

Cherenkov radiation happens when electrons exceed the speed of light of the substance they're in - but not the speed of light in a vacuum. It's why it's usually seen in the water that surrounds nuclear reactors, since the speed of light in water is low enough. I dunno, this could simplify the reasons for the blue glow. Cherenkov radiation is about as harmful as sunlight since it's mostly UV, so chaulkurites could give people some nasty sunburns. =P

Unfortunately I have zero knowledge of tachyons or strange matter, I don't think I can help with much else.
MuddledSimon Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
You have put an awesome amount of thought into this, which I appreciate in my scifi, however...I think you might have better luck getting answers to these problems on a science message board somewhere, haha.
SilverMender Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually considering it haha, but I think it's worth sticking this here
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